Demonstrations of a thermal cooker working

The good folks down under at have added some great online cooking demonstrations to view on cooking Lamb Shanks, Thai Green Curried Chicken and Rice and even making Carrot Cake in the THERMOS brand thermal cooker. These demonstrations use the RPC-4500 and RPC-6000 models.

Give them a look see at:

The individual links are as follows:

Lamb Shank:

Thai Green Curried Chicken and Rice

Carrot Cake

Note: to view the demos in the four above links, you may need Internet Explorer and Windows Media player.

Another commercial brand thermal cooker is the Dream-Pot sold in Australia.

Dream-Pot Thermal Cooking (Part 1) – Silverside Corned Beef

Dream-Pot Thermal Cooking (Part 2)


The following demonstrations are for the Thermal Magic Cooker or Thermo Magic Pot thermal cooker

Thermal Cooking Meat Loaf

Thermal Cooking Vegi Bake

Thermal Cooking Butter Cake

Thermal Cooking Silver Side



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