Thermal Cooker Reviews

Here are some of the commercial thermal cookers I’ve purchased and have an opinion on.

The Thermos/Nissan brand have been the best quality brand of thermal cooker I own.  I have a Shuttle Chef 3L version and 4.5L RPA4500S. They use a vacuum flask as the insulator which is superior to other outer containers that use a foam core or other insulator. 

The stainless steel innerpots are of a thick gage steel and well made.  The bottom of the RPA4500S innerpot is stainless stell. On the CC4500S model the bottom is clad with aluminum.


3 Responses to “Thermal Cooker Reviews”

  1. Allan Says:

    Have you tried the RPC 6000 Shuttle Chef which is a 6 litre Vacuum Insulated outer container with two 3 litre inner heavy duty saucepans that stack one on top of the other.
    This unit is excellent as it allows for two complete meals to be cooked at the same time and as each saucepan has a heavy base and it’s own lid they can be treated as normal high quality saucepans for daily use as well as in the thermal cookers.
    This really helps with space restrictions for travellers as they dom not need to carry additional ordinary saucepans for daily use.
    Thermal Cookware

  2. thermalcooker Says:

    Thanks Allan for the good word on the Thermos RPC-6000 shuttle chef. I’ve had my eye on that unit for some time but Thermos has made it difficult to acquire here in the U.S.A. I would really like the ability to have two 3 liter pots to cook with at the same time. I find that the 4.5 liter inner is often just a little to much pot for what needs cooking at times so the smaller pots would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Michelle Says:

    I am very happy that I ordered the Shuttle Chef 3&3 system with the optional 6l inner pot from Forum Appliance. Unfortunatly this unit is not available in the US at this time. The shipping charges were reasonable when using USPS. I received the unit in less than a week.

    The 3l pots are of heavy gauge SS with an aluninum core bottom. They make wonderful everyday pots. This is a big plus since we are fulltime rvers with limited storage space.

    I can cook a dish in one 3l pot by filling the second 3l pot with boiling water and placing both of these in the outer pot. This prevents a loss of thermal mass when only cooking one item.

    I can also cook 2 separate items such as a main dish and desert with the 3&3 system.

    I did order the optional 6l inner pot for when we are cooking for larger groups such as potlucks and family get togethers.

    It is like having 3 thermal pots!

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