Haybox, Retained Heat or Fireless Cookers


PCIAi Guide to Designing Retained Heat Cookers

Cooking in a Basket Website

  • Cooking in a Basket website
    Elizabeth Riddiford, Community Conservation Initiative (CCI-Kenyai), June 12, 2007

    Kakamega Forest Cooking Basket


  • Ecological Stoves David Whitfield V CEDESOL La Paz, Bolivia, presentation to Global Village Energy Partnership Latin America Santa Cruz, Bolivia, July 2003

Germany (1921)

  • Self Cookers in Kochlehrbuch fuer Schule und Haus, Martin Boll, Germany, April 4, 2006





Tanzanian Hayboxes, Stoves, and Wonderbaskets, Meg Arenberg, Sunseed Tanzaniai Trust, August 2005


2 Responses to “Haybox, Retained Heat or Fireless Cookers”

  1. Cookers Says:

    The ceramic surfaced doesn’t get as hot as a metal cooker, also making the EGG safer to use. Cookers

  2. Caroline Says:


    I am based in kenya and would like to sell hay cooking baskets in Nairobi.kindly give me contacts of anyone who makes these baskets in kenya.


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