Fireless Cookers

Fireless Cookers

Fireless cookers were very popular in the early 1900s to save labor and fuel, rather like our crock pots. Many books of the time contained recipes for them. An early wood bucket with an inner metal pail surrounded by sawdust [a portable insulating pail] is in the Tuskegee Institute collection. A more elaborate example, a two pot fireless cooker with heating soapstones that would be placed above and below each pot, (pictured above) can be seen at the Woodrow Wilson House in D.C. In electric fireless cookers “the current is applied just long enough to bring the food to a proper temperature…then the current automatically shuts off, but the dinner continues to cook without expense…” An interesting link discusses a British tank built during the 1920s & 30s which could carry the fireless cooker with 3 days rations. Cooking time varied. In a 1925 letter: “We prepared our dinner in the morning before breakfast, stowed it away in the electric fireless cooker and at night we set the table and served it.” Recipes from Mitchell’s book generally involved bringing the contents to a boil, placing the pot immediately in the fireless cooker and cooking…stews for 9-12 hrs, applesauce 1-3 hrs, string beans (with salt and baking soda in the water) 6-12 hrs, limas 1 1/2 hrs, and plum pudding 5 hours. She also details how to make fireless cooker or “hay-box”, and a “refrigerating box”, with suggestions for decorating the box for use in the dining room. Types of insulation were soft “hay, straw, paper, wool, mineral wool, excelsior, ground cork, Southern moss, sawdust…”


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Fireless cooker in car. 1923
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