instructables – haybox cooker

Haybox or retained heat cooking is simply cooking a liquid based food like a soup or stew in it’s own heat. During WWII cooking oil was rationed for the war effort this method became popular as a way to conserve cooking fuel. They used hay in a box because the air spaces in the hay trapped in heat and allowed the soup or stew to cook in it’s own heat. Anything like hay, shredded news paper, rice hulls, cotton balls, corn husks etc will work as long as it packs loose and creates air spaces.


One Response to “instructables – haybox cooker”

  1. Mr. Info Says:

    Cooking oil was rationed in America during WWII, but “cooking oil” refers to the edible oil, like olive oil or canola/rapeseed oil, not fuel oil. Basically, nobody used fuel oil stoves to cook with on any kind of widespread basis, so rationed fuel oil was not the reason haybox cookers became popular.

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