Fireless Cookers – recipe books

Here is a list and links to a number of books written in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s on Fireless cooking.  They contain some great info on the method from recipes to how to make them and how to use some that were being sold at that time. These Fireless Recipe books are directly applicable for use as recipes in a thermal cooker, wonder box, wonder oven, hot box, hay box, or other retained heat cooking methods. The following are available to read and download online but are also available in reprinted books for purchase or to download on your Kindle.

The Fireless Cooker ( 1908 )–_The_fireless_cooker

Book of Caloric fireless cook stove recipes; a compilation of more than three hundred superior recipes of all kinds, meats, game, poultry, fish, cereals, vegetables … etc., especially adapted to the new Caloric fireless cookstove ([c1908])

The Fireless Cook Book : A Manual of the Construction and Use of Appliances for Cooking by Retained Heat : with 250 recipes (1913, c1909) by Margaret J. Mitchell

The Duplex cook book, containing full instructions for cooking with the Duplex fireless stove ([191-?])


2 Responses to “Fireless Cookers – recipe books”

  1. louis Says:

    This site looks like a good resource. I have a Sterling Fireless Cooker which has two circular cavities , with matching lids and a cover over that, all made of a white metal,silver in color and soft. This is all contained in an oak box the top lid of which has a glass insert for radiant heat. I think it was made by the Swartzbaugh Mfg, Co/Peerless Cooker Co. of Buffalo, N.Y. I was considering selling it. Do you think you might know what it is worth? Thanks.

  2. thermalcooker Says:

    I’ve seen fireless cookers sell on various estate sale auction sites and eBay. All I can offer is a link to one site which recently sold a similar cooker here:
    They listed it from $200 to $600 and it sold for $500.

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