Thermos RPC-6000 6L Thermal Cooker

Thermos Thermal Cooker RPC-6000W 2x3L Thermo Pot

RPC-6000 thermal cooker with two 3L inner pots

Thermos also offers the RPC-6000 in a two 3L inner pot configuration which adds to the versatility of this thermal cooker. You are able to cook two recipes at the same time for example, rice and beans, rice and curry etc. or fill them both up with the same recipe for double the amount.  I’ve also used it with just a single 3L pot to cook smaller portions and filled up the empty space inside the outer pot with a small blanket, towel or rag to help retain the heat better.

3 Responses to “Thermos RPC-6000 6L Thermal Cooker”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Why did you fill the space in the outer pot with a towel, rag, etc. when only using one of the 3l inner pots?

    I fill the second pot with boiling water when only using one of the 3l pots. This method retains the thermal heat within the unit very well.

    This works well for my RV lifestyle. When boondocking the boiling water in the second pot is used to wash the dishes, thermalcooker, utensils, etc. after the meal and not poured down the drain. This optimizes my water and propane use while camping since the water in the second pot is hot therefore I do not have to turn on the water heater or stove in the evening just to do dishes.


    • thermalcooker Says:

      You make a great point about using the second 3L pot to boil water in and use it to help cook the contents in the other 3L pot and then use afterwords for other purposes. Doing so will make sure there is enough heat retained to cook just about any quantity of food in the other pot. The suggestions you made of how else you can use the water is excellent and I even bought a thermal pump airpot that holds three liters ( so I could keep the extra water hot as long as possible for any number of uses.

      The reason you would need a towel or some other insulator to fill in the space not being used by both 3L pots would be to keep as much heat as possible inside to be able to cook the contents if just one 3L pot was used. Empty air is a terrible insulator and if you chose not to boil water and use the second pot as you describe you should fill the void with something to help keep the heat in the single pot.

      If you were down to the last little bit of propane you had and didn’t want to spend it bringing two pots to a boil, being able to use just one 3L pot would have some value but to do so you need to fill up the extra space as much as possible.

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