Thermos Cookery

Thermos Cookery

So I made breakfast using my thermos to cook it overnight. It is very simple and energy efficient for a piping hot and delicious breakfast. You can use any grain that you want. The typical breakfast grains are corn, wheat, and rice. I would stay away from oatmeal unless you get the water proportion right and feel like cleaning the inside of your thermos out. Even grains like millet work for a unique breakfast. Use a metal or glass lined thermos. The plastic ones typically can’t stand up to the heat. Now for the ingredients . . . Starting the night before, boil some water. To the thermos, add a quarter cup of grain (I used white wheat), a dash of salt, and a pinch of sugar. Now screw the top on overnight. In the morning, just drain the water through the lid or drink it because it contains tons of vitamins. Shake it out into a bowl. Enjoy it with milk and a bit of sugar to taste.

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    Hello your web page url: http://thermalcooker.wordpress.
    com/2010/02/01/red-icculus-com-›-thermos-cookery/ seems
    to be redirecting to a completely different webpage when I click the home-page button.
    You may want to have this checked.

    • thermalcooker Says:

      Not sure what was happening but found that the original website has gone away and so the link was no longer valid which may have caused issues with some browsers pre-fetch feature. Thank you for the help!

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