Wonton Soup

Wonton Soup.

Wonton Soup

Wonton soup is a chinese food. This is not a dish for a quick meal because wrapping wontons will take up some time.

I have tried to be as detail as possible in this recipe especially on the part where you wrap your wonton.

You can choose to use a thermal cooker or just your usual pot for this recipe. However, you must remember not to keep the wonton and the vegetable inside the thermal cooker because they will get soggy.

I will be using my thermal cooker for this recipe because my husband was going to be a few hours late for dinner. I need to keep his rice and soup base warm so that he will not have to spend too much time on reheating.

Serving: 4 persons





300g minced meat, chicken or pork (I used 150g minced pork & 150g fish paste)
1 packet wonton wrappers (around 28 wantons for this recipes)
1 chicken stock cube
Green vegetables
A few ikan billis
1 dry squid
A few dry mussel
2 cloves garlic
1/2 onion

Optional ingredients inside wonton:
Diced water chestnuts for a crunchy texture.
chopped spring onion





  • 1. Make the soup base first. Get a pot (I used my large thermal cooker inner pot), add 1 liters of water. Add in the dry squid, chicken stock cube, dry mussel and the ikan billis. Cover the pot and wait for it to boil. If you are using a thermal pot, remove the pot from heat and keep it inside the thermal cooker. If you are using a normal pot, reduce the heat, keep it boiling.

  • Did you see a weird tea bag floating in the pot above? Well, my husband do not like ikan billis soup but they make really good soup. I hide the ikan billis inside a teabag so that he will not know that I have use them to make soup.

  • 2. While your soup base is still boiling, mince your garlic and onions. Mix them with your minced meat.

  • 3. Take one piece of wonton wrapper. Put a small portion of the minced meat in the center.

  • 4. Using one finger, wet all 4 sides of the wonton wrapper.

  • 5. Fold the wonton wrapper into half as shown in the picture.

  • 6. Fold the other 2 corner of the wonton wrapper as shown in the picture.

  • 7. Give your wonton a bit of squeeze and they will turn out like this. If you cannot get your wonton to stick, try using a bit of fish paste on the corners and side. Fish paste are very sticky.

  • 8. If you are not going to cook these wontons immediately, keep them in the fridge and use them when you want to. Use them within 24 hours so that they will still be fresh. You can even deep fried these wontons if you want to.

  • 9. For the leftover minced meat, you can roll them into balls using 2 teaspoons and add them with the wonton into the soup base when you are ready to serve.

  • 10. Continue this portion when you are ready to serve. Made sure that the soup base is boiling when you add in the wontons.

  • 11. The wontons will float on the soup base when they were cooked. Add in the green vegetables, let it boil for a while before serving. Do not to keep the wonton and the vegetable inside the thermal cooker because they will get soggy.


My husband came back 4 hours late for dinner

After I have boiled my soup base and keep the pot inside my thermal cooker, I have use the smaller inner pot to cook my rice. You will need the same amount of rice and water as if you are using your rice cooker to cook your rice. Just cover your inner pot, wait for it to boil, remove from heat and placed your pot together with your soup base.

After all that cooking, you will get a pot of cook rice without using electricity. This is very useful when you have to keep the rice warm for several hours. I do not know when my husband is coming back for dinner when I was making my wonton soup. I was glad that I have use my thermal pot because he came back 4 hours later after I have finish all my cooking. All he need to do is to bring the soup base to boil and add the wonton and vegetables. He do not need to reheat the rice at all.



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