Thermos RPC-6000 6L Thermal Cooker

Thermos Thermal Cooker RPC-6000W 2x3L Thermo Pot

RPC-6000 thermal cooker with two 3L inner pots

Thermos also offers the RPC-6000 in a two 3L inner pot configuration which adds to the versatility of this thermal cooker. You are able to cook two recipes at the same time for example, rice and beans, rice and curry etc. or fill them both up with the same recipe for double the amount.  I’ve also used it with just a single 3L pot to cook smaller portions and filled up the empty space inside the outer pot with a small blanket, towel or rag to help retain the heat better.

Thermos RPC-4500/CC4500 4.5L Thermal Cooker

Product Name: THERMOS® 4.5L Thermal Cooker

Model #: RPC-4500/CC4500

The THERMOS® Thermal Cooker also known as the Shuttle Chef or cook and carry system, is a unique two piece cookware set that is enhanced by vacuum technology. THERMOS makes the Shuttle Chef line of thermal cookers and also has sold one of the models under the THERMOS Nissan brand in the USA. The Thermos Nissan CC4500 is identical to the Thermos RPC-4500 except that the color of the Nissan model had a black lid and bottom with stainless steel center.


  • TherMax® double wall vacuum insulation for maximum temperature retention and lightweight transport
  • Practically unbreakable stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Energy efficient clad stainless steel inner pot for cooking
  • Cool to the touch with hot foods
  • Non-slip, scratch-resistant base
  • Bail handle for easy portability
  • Excellent for catered events, potluck dinners and tailgate parties
  • Can be used anywhere and any time. Cook even while you are traveling, boating, camping, etc.
  • Capacity: 4.5L / 4.7 Quart (4-6 servings)

Model: RPC-4500/CC4500


Assemble all the ingredients in the inner pot, put it on the stove and bring to a boil. Then remove the inner pot from the stove and place it inside the outer pot which serves as a vacuum insulated container to keep the contents hot.  There is no need to plug in any power cord.  The food will continue its “thermal cooking process” using the retained heat.  After the required time (e.g. rice 30 min; chicken stock 2 hrs; beef brisket 3.5 hrs), just open the outer pot, and a nutritional and flavorful meal is hot and ready. The Thermal Cooker has excellent heat retention capacity; the food inside the pot can retain a temperature of about 160 degree Fahrenheit even after 6 hours.


Safe: It is not a pressure cooker, there are no power cords, no switches or electrical hazards to worry about.

Energy Saving: After the food has been boiled for a short time, the cooker needs no external energy while thermal cooking. Food stays warm automatically after it’s ready.

Convenience: The thermal cooking process requires no further supervision or monitoring. Food can be cooked while you are traveling. You can cook with the pot anywhere, anytime and it’s safe to use indoors or out.

Economical: Decreases fuel costs, economizes time and energy.

Healthy: Entraps flavor, minerals and vitamins; generate less odor, grease and smoke in the kitchen.

User friendly: Never over cooks and cleans up easily.

Durable: Unlike foam insulation used in other brands, Thermos’s vacuum insulated outer pot is a technology that foam insulation can’t begin to touch. Thermos produces the most effective insulated container and is engineered to last.

How does a Thermal Cooker work?

Thermal cooker is a patented product of Thermos®. It is an epoch-making cooking concept, consisting of an inner pot and outer vacuum insulated container. The inner pot is a three layers structure: two layers of stainless steel with a layer of carbon steel of high heat conductivity. It is able to conduct and absorb heat quickly. The outer container is vacuum insulated. It prevents heat loss and is able to keep warm and keep cool efficiently. The cooking process is easy and safe.

If you compare a thermal cooker vs a slow cooker you get the same functionality but without the power requirements. A thermal cooker is like a non-electric crock pot, you apply all the heat up front to the food while simmering on the stove and afterwards the recipe finishes cooking in it’s own heat.

Does a thermal cooker work? Absolutely! With two vacuum thermal cookers you could prepare your whole days meals in the morning. One would be ready to eat at lunch and the other still hot and ready to eat for dinner.


  • Unique two piece cookware enhanced by our vacuum technology.  It provides the ability to cook, excellent temperature and flavor retention, and allows for easy transport in one self contained unit.
  • Inner cook pot is made of high quality practically unbreakable NISSAN stainless steel.
  • Vacuum insulated steel outer pot effectively preserve food temperature
  • Each Thermal cooker comes with an exquisite cookbook.
  • Portable models like the RPC-4500/CC4500: feature a locking bail handle for secure and easy transport
  • Available in 4.5L (4.7 Quart) capacity
  • Thermos Thermal Cooker can be used as a:
    • Slow cooker
    • Portable oven
    • Rice Cooker
    • Bain-Marie (double broiler)
    • Cooler or Ice Bucket
  • 5 years limited warranty.


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