Dream-Pot has added a number of recipes to their site

Check out this link to the latest recipes for the Dream-Pot thermal cooker:


Dream-Pot Festive cake ©

Dream-Pot Chicken loaf with vegetables ©

Dream-Pot Spinach & ricotta cheese cannelloni with tomato sauce ©

Dream-Pot Chocolate fondue ©

Dream-Pot Christmas mug cakes ©

Dream-Pot Banana bread ©

Dream-Pot Rabbit à la orange ©

Dream-Pot Osso bucco ©

Dream-Pot Texan beef chilli ©

Dream-Pot Gourmet cauliflower soup ©

Dream-Pot Bread loaf ©

Dream-Pot Easy camping chocolate cake ©

Dream-Pot Boiled fruit cake ©

Dream-Pot Fruit and nut loaf ©

Dream-Pot Rissotto ©

Dream-Pot Chicken, Sweet Corn and Vegetable Soup ©

Dream-Pot Christmas pudding ©

Dream-Pot Soy chicken ©

Dream-Pot Corned Silverside ©


2 Responses to “Dream-Pot has added a number of recipes to their site”

  1. Carol Turner Says:

    Just wanted to let you know how much my Husband and I love our Dream Pots we bought one whilst traveling around Aust 2 years ago and we love it that much we had to get another they are in use everyday and we tell all our friends about them

  2. Sharmayne Says:

    Love my dream pot soo much.

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